Saturday we decided to go to Mass while we were out running around doing our weekend activities. Instead of going to our regular parish, we decided to visit a parish my husband and I visited when we first started dating. Three of Five of my children have received their 1st Holy Communions, so it is important for me as their mother to consider opportunities for Reconciliation, otherwise known as Confession.

When I chose to be Catholic, the sacrament of Reconciliation was one of the most rewarding practices of my faith. I had never experienced God’s grace in that form post-baptism. There is such peace and strength that is regained in reconciling with community. When I understood I did not just sin against God, but the body of Christ, which is the church, I realized that sin does not just go against God, but also my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Another layer of church I realized only after becoming Catholic was that my home and the faith we live day to day is part of the church. More specifically, the domestic church is my responsibility as a wife and mother. Moreover, to sin against community is also to sin against the members of my family. When I stop to think about sinning against my husband and/or my children, my heart rips at the seams.

My middle child just received his 1st Holy Communion this year, which means he also participated in his 1st Reconciliation which is an annual communal event. Like many elementary school children, he has had a problem lying. When I spoke to him about going to Reconciliation, he seemed anxious and scared. I explained to him that I would be going with him as well. He had a strange look on his face.

When I explained that people make mistakes, he seemed to be surprised yet relieved.  This reaction naturally led to a conversation about preparing for Reconciliation. We practice the Examination of Conscience in order to reflect upon our sins. My favorite way to reflect upon my sins is the Laudate app. It caters to children, teens, as well as both single and married adults. As a parent I sometimes get wrapped up in correcting my children instead of growing them.

How do you talk to your kids about sin?