Nobody said it would be easy. Taking care of five kids is exciting. It is never a dull moment; that is for sure.

But I get tired.

People do a lot of things to find energy. Some of the things I have done to keep up with my kids have not been the healthiest. As a coffee-lover, that was my first go-to in attempting to keep up with my kids. Not only was I taking in dangerous amounts of caffeine, but also I was suffering from more headaches.

After several failed attempts to increase my energy in fast (and not-so-healthful) ways and another cold and flu season of multiple occasions of becoming sick because I was simply worn-out and started researching ways to build up my energy and immune system.

I want to be healthy. I want to be fit.

In my research I found that I could do both in a healthy way by exercising. What? Was it really that simple? And then the self-doubt and self-denial began.

When am I ever going to find time to exercise? I teach high school, have five kids in public schools and several activities both during the week and weekends. By the time I pick-up everyone and get home, I just want to sit down. I am already exhausted! I cannot get up any earlier than I do. We leave the house at 6 AM to begin our day with commuting, school deliveries and work. In order to leave at 6 AM, everyone must be ready to go by 5:45 because it takes 15 minutes to make sure everyone brushed their teeth and have everything they need for the day (lunches, backpacks, appropriate clothes for activities, homework, and many more things depending upon the day).

I procrastinated and put off my initial workout schedule until summer. It was the only way I could wrap my head around the fact that this was going to be a huge task.

The first Monday of the first full week of our summer vacation I woke up the kids and told them to get dressed to go to the track. I decided if I was going to do this, I wanted to jump in with both feet, full speed ahead.

20160608_091141I knew from several attempts over the years that my attempts in doing workouts that I had done in former years when my body was at its prime was not what I needed to do again. I always over do it and end up with an injury which requires time away from exercise. I really need to create a routine of exercise to make it a normal part of my day. Therefore, my goal for day 1 of getting active and becoming fit . . . all in the name of getting more energy was to walk a mile. I did not give myself a time limit. Plus, I told myself if I started to feel pain (not soreness or the muscle burn), I would stop for this time instead of injuring myself.

Starting an exercise schedule from a sedentary or inactive lifestyle is not to be taken lightly. One should heed the warning to consult a physician before starting any plan.

Day 1: I finished 3 laps and had to stop because only my right calf was burning. It was more than muscle burn but not a shin splint.

How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Do you have a set schedule?

What is your favorite exercise?